Bosco Baking Company

Bosco Baking Company is a gluten-free exclusive bakery which focuses on the sweeter treats in life. Owner/Baker Jessica Berry was first truly inspired by food while studying abroad in Italy, while pursuing her Art History degree. While frequenting the all-night bakeries, open air markets, and family dinners, she fell in love with the aromas of the food, which were a sensory awakening experience unlike anything in the United States. Jessica was particularly enamored with gelato, stopping every afternoon on her passegiata (walk) back to her apartment through the streets of Rome. Friends dubbed her ‘Little Bosco’ after a berry flavored gelato called "Frutti di Bosco," which is used to refer to wild berries and literally translates into ‘fruits of the forest’.

Jessica's motivation comes from living the last 10 years with a gluten intolerance, and choosing to battle the clichés of gluten-free food being dry cardboard. At first she was only filling small orders for her friends, but it progressed to their friends and so on, which this led to the idea of forming a business in 2012. When she started Bosco Baking Company, Jessica chose the name as a homage to the experience that encouraged her to rip up her grad school applications on her return to the United States to pursue a career in food. Bosco (forest) reflects Jessica’s native roots in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, while evoking the communal enjoyment of good food that inspires us every day at Bosco Baking Company.

Owner & Baker Jessica Berry

Bosco Baking Company’s Owner/Baker Jessica Berry started her career at an early age, learning from her mother how to create pies, cookies, and pasta from scratch! Her mother would often scold the young chef for sneaking away with bits of pie dough, and when she wasn’t tasting the fruits of their labor she was pouring over the pages of her most precious pastry cookbooks. That passion continued into adulthood where Jessica attended Johnson and Wales University of Denver; while there she discovered that years of illness were due a severe gluten sensitivity.

After school Jessica chased a career in food, she’s cooked in various places around Denver from Proto's Pizza, Lola, Gelato d’Italia, to also spending time at Blue Fine Pastry in Boulder, Colorado. Eventually she would work her way up to Pastry Chef at Lola, but this would be cut short due to her desire to travel. She migrated her career to cruise ships in Hawaii, followed by a stint in Charleston, South Carolina to develop her taste for southern cuisine.

Upon returning to Denver in 2008, Jessica decided to focus on a passion that has always been close to her heart, desserts and pastries. However, with knowledge on her gluten-free sensitivity, she focused on providing the world with delectable pastries that meet today’s gluten-free diets, by developing her own recipes, she’s created “sweets” that meet her discerning palate.

Jessica launched Bosco Baking Company in 2012 as a small in-home bakery making cakes for birthdays, and baby showers; but moved on to wholesale production by 2014. Outside of culinary arts, she spends ample time outdoors biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and practicing yoga in Colorful Colorado. Still her mother’s young chef at heart, she sneaks away bits of pie dough, and enjoys making pasta from scratch at home; all of which is Gluten-Free!


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